2018 Goals

In the past 5 years or so, I’ve become a HUGE fan of bold, out-there, almost-unreachable goals. Honestly, I used to think it was foolish. But in the last few years I’ve met amazing people doing amazing things and I started to realize that we are all capable of meeting our “unreachable” goals as long as we have a plan (and a practical amount of time, of course)!

There’s something about January that inspires people to set those out-there goals. Some years I make them too, some years I don’t. Most years I wait until we are a few weeks in to really commit to something, but I think I’ve narrowed it down early this year.

Admittedly, this post is mostly for myself. I figure if I write them down and put them out there I’m more likely to stick with these. Brace yourselves, it’s a long one. 🙂

2018 goals | Enjoying the Run


Goal: Run 1000 miles in 2018.

Why: I need something to keep me motivated all year long – even in between training cycles. It’s not hard for me to follow a training plan. When it says to run 8 miles, I run 8 miles. When it tells me to take a rest day, I take a rest day. My problem comes in that I tend to “fall off the wagon” in between races. I think, “well, I’m not training for anything so it’s fine if I just skip today,” and then it’s been a week and I haven’t run once. That would be fine except that running is my main form of exercise and it’s something I do to keep my sanity. So I want to stay consistent. Plus, how cool would it be to say I ran 1000 miles in a year?! 😉

Plan: This is by far my most ambitious goal. To keep track, I have a page started in the back of my planner where I can mark off a box for every mile I run. Seeing it written out in something I carry around every day will help. I’m not going to go through and plan out the entire year, but I do plan to figure out how many miles per week I’ll need to run in between training cycles to get to my goal.

Goal: Sub-2:00 half marathon.

Why: Just because I know I can. I’ve never needed to be a fast runner, but I know I can be faster than I am. If I set a speed goal for myself then it will make me get out and run on the days I don’t want to. I know I can survive 13.1 miles on almost any day. But I don’t want to just survive. I want to see how far I can push myself.

Plan: I’m headed back to the Flying Pig Half for my PR attempt. I loved this race last year and am really looking forward to racing again this year. I did give a half-hearted attempt at training for a sub-2 in the fall, but I didn’t have the time and it was sabotaged before I started. This time, I have a plan. I found a group of 6-8 women who are all going to Cincinnati that weekend to attempt different distances. Four of us are running the half (one is my sister!!) and one of the girls has a 1:54 PR from this fall so she’s who I’m going to train with. I’m banking on the combination of making it such a fun event (girls’ weekend!) and training with someone who’s slightly faster than me to pull all this together.

Goal: RRCA certification.

Why: I’ve obviously have been interested in all things running for a long time now and if I’m going to be spending 5-15 hours per week on something I want to know what I’m doing. Also, a LOT of people have started asking me for advice and training plans and, while I’m pretty confident in my hefty fitness background, it will be nice to have the certification and connect with other coaches.

Plan: Well…half the plan on this one is done now 🙂 I just spent the weekend sitting in a physical therapy clinic with 34 other coaches learning about various running topics for 18 hours total. The course is done, now I just need to take my test!


Goal: Read 100 books in 2018.

Why: I have a few “smaller” reasons for wanting to do this. First of all, I do enjoy reading and I just haven’t made enough time for it in recent years. Second, it’s how I learn best. I learn from reading about other people’s experiences and picking from what they’ve learned to apply it to my own situations. I’m also using this one as a way to get away from constant “screen” input and re-learn to focus on one thing at a time.

Plan: This isn’t a completely outrageous goal for me since I’ve upped the amount of reading I do over the last 2 years or so anyway. To help, I’ll get back to reading before bed instead of watching TV. This will actually be great because I’ve gotten away from my no-screen-before-bed mentality in the last couple month.. I’ve started a log in the back of my calendar book for this too so I can track my progress. Also, I figure if most of my TV watching is happening during treadmill workout then that’s more motivation to run, right??


Goal: No phones at the table.

Why: This goal started out more like “look at my phone less after working hours” or maybe “don’t use the phone after 5pm”, but one seemed unspecific and the other seems impractical. So I’m starting with dinner. Momma usually gets to decide what dinner is and when it is so I figure one more dinner “rule” can’t hurt. 🙂 Plus, it’s the one meal each day where we all 4 sit down as a family so I consider it sacred and I’m going to start treating it that way. Luckily, my husband is generally on-board for this and our kids are 4 and 1 so they have no choice in the matter.

Plan: No plan needed for this one. Just doing it. Starts yesterday.


Goal: Spring Garage Sale.

Why: I need to purge some things from our home and I think scheduling a garage sale will help. We have too much stuff! I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism and why people do it and it just makes sense. I’m not saying we are getting rid of everything in our home, but there is definitely a need to declutter and clean out a lot of the unnecessary stuff in our lives. 

Plan: I’ve already begun going through the places that “collect” things in our house. I’ve cleared out and organized the cabinets under the kids’ sink as well as the linen closet. Next is Baby L’s closet and I’ll just continue to move through the house one room at a time. I’m trying to take advantage of the cold weather when we’re already stuck inside much of the time. Hopefully I can stay motivated on this one. It’s going to be tough once the weather warms up and schedules get busier.


Goal: Inbox to 0 every Friday.

Why: I’m hoping this will just be another tactic for managing all the projects I’m working on at any given time. I get a LOT of emails every week and sometimes I just skim them and think “I’ll come back to that one later” and then it just gets lost for a few days. Or it’s something I don’t need to hang on to at all and it just clutters up the space! Other times it’s something that needs to be saved long-term in a completely separate folder and I just don’t get around to it until the end of the month. All of those are just silly reasons to let them sit in my inbox.  

Plan: So, every email will be dealt with in some way or another (even if it means being put on the to-do list for next week) by the time I shut down my computer Friday. I honestly have no idea if this is practical since I’ve never tried it before. I know people who swear by it and other people who say it would drive them crazy, but I guess it depends on your job. We’ll see if it works out well for me.

So that’s it! I’ll try to update every once in a while to hold myself accountable, but please feel free to ask me how it’s going via Instagram or Facebook or in-person!

Do you have any goals for 2018? Do you have a plan to accomplish them??


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2 Responses

  1. Kitti Drake says:

    Awesome goals Lady! Good Luck I wish I had know you were going to RRCA this weekend. I would have signed up. I want to take the class for myself and this was one of the only clinics close by that wasn’t full immediately. How was it?

    • Joy says:

      Aww bummer! That would have been fun to take the class together! It was good – I felt like I knew a lot about designing programs when I went into it and most of the course confirmed what I already knew so that was good. I did learn a lot about adjusting programs for circumstances that come up during a training cycle, about how to safely move up paces and how quickly the body adjusts to those stressors, and a little about business practices just from other people in the course. It was a good networking opportunity too as far as meeting other runners from all over. I’ll probably do a blog post about the whole experience once I take the test 🙂

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