Running Month in Review: November 2017

Running Month in Review: November 2017 | Enjoying the Run

November 2017. It’s been a weird month.

Actually, it’s kind of been a weird 5 months.

Ever since July I’ve felt off-schedule and off-balance. I don’t think the holidays are going to do much to sort that out for me so I’ll probably just need to continue this balancing act until January.


Running month in review: November 2017

The month started off with a race – not a very great running moment for me, but I learned some valuable lessons. You get out of it what you put into it. I intend to take that thought into training with me this spring for sure.

Monumental Half Marathon mile 11 | Enjoying the Run

I’m guessing this is my face when I want to quit running, but I here Little E yelling, “go, Mommy, go!”

After the Monumental Half, I was on my game for about a week and a half. I cut back to 3 days a week of running, but added 3 days of strength training. My plan was to keep this going all the way through the holidays, but then aaaaallllllll the illnesses happened.

All the snuggles | Enjoying the Run

Baby L gets all the snuggles when he isn’t feeling well 🙁

Every member of our family shared a pretty bad cold for about a week. Then, just when I thought we were getting over it, Baby L came down with a stomach bug. Ew. There might not be anything worse than a 22-month-old with the stomach flu. Seriously. Because he had no idea what was going on. He would just give me this weird look and then I had about a half a second to get the bucket ready. So gross. It was a full 48 hours of washing clothes and sheets, cleaning up the baby, restless sleep, and repeat. Luckily, the rest of us escaped that one, but this momma spent 2 full days on the couch not doing anything except taking care of the baby boy. So, of course, that meant that I didn’t work out for an entire week and a half total.

But now we’re streaking!

Run streaking 🙂

Thanksgiving Run November 2017 | Enjoying the Run

I’ve half-heartedly tried to do the Runner’s World Run Streak in years past, but never really made it far. This year is different though. So far I haven’t missed a day! Yes, I know it’s only been 7 days, but c’mon. Small victories! It’s 40 days long in total (Thanksgiving to New Years) so I still have a long way to go. I’m hoping that having all those freezer meals prepped will free up some time to fit it all in.

So that’s November in a nutshell. Nothing too exciting. Only 40 miles total with all the illnesses and holiday activities happening. I’m hoping for a more consistent December, but I’m not putting too much pressure on myself with all the holiday “extras” happening. My main goal is still to enjoy the time I have with our Littles and make the most of the rest of it.

Walk in the woods | Enjoying the Run

Is anyone else participating in the Runner’s World Run Streak this year? Leave your Instagram/Twitter in the comments so I can follow along!

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