A Quick Update – Oct 2017

Hey there!

So…it’s been a minute… life got a little crazy again and other things had to take priority over this little blog. 🙂 But things are getting back to normal and I want to continue documenting my running journey so here goes nothing.

An update about all the things:


Hubby is working a lot right now because of some staffing issues at work so it’s affecting the whole schedule of life at home. We’re working around it, but, MAN! it’s been hard. Luckily, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel and things should be back to normal-ish by the end of November. I’m so grateful that he works so hard to provide for us, but I’ll be glad to have him around the house more! Little E is now 4 years old and I want to cry every time I think about how big she is already. I never imagined I could love a person the way that I love that little girl. Everything about her is amazing. She’s strong, independent, and so intelligent that it’s a little scary. She still loooooves riding in the BOB stroller, but I’m kind of looking forward to the day she starts riding her bike next to me. Baby L is the sweetest little monster that has ever walked this planet. The poor kid has had one nagging illness after another (ear infections, teething, hand foot and mouth, etc.), but he’s still finding the time to develop an incredible personality. He is definitely the “class clown” of the family and he already makes a huge effort to keep everyone around him laughing – especially when we’re at the dinner table [insert mom eyeroll here]. I lovingly call him my little monster though because he’s constantly making messes around the house and poking at his older sister. Guess that’s part of being a little boy! He’s definitely still momma’s boy and he has certainly stolen my heart. <3


I haven’t been writing about it, but I’ve definitely been running! If you follow my Instagram you can see pretty regular updates about my runs. I just ran the ZOOMA Florida Half Marathon (as a training run) and I’m now tapering in preparation for the Indy Monumental Half. Honestly, with hubby’s schedule and all the traveling we did this year it’s been tough to keep up, but I know it’s the only thing keeping me sane right now. I’m looking forward to a PR attempt at the Monumental and then I have some different kinds of goals for this winter. More on that later. Stay tuned!


I’m still in the fortunate situation that I get to work from home which means a lot of my easy 2-3 mile runs can happen during lunch time 🙂 I’ve also started putting together some fitness challenges and things (both for a cost and for free) on my Facebook page so jump over there if you want to follow along. I’m definitely planning a FREE spring training group for both 5k and half marathon runners. I’ll be working with my sister to train for her first half marathon anyway so why not share the love, right? Look for that info in January!

That about covers the basics for right now! I’m already planning some fun posts for November so keep an eye out. I’ll do a recap of the Monumental Half and then my friend, Kayla, and I are doing another major food/freezer meal session so I’ll document and share all that once it’s done.

Thanks for reading!


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