Flying Pig Training Recap: Week 6 (4/3-4/9)

Not a great week for me (except Saturday). I lacked focus and drive all week long. 🙁

Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 6 | Enjoying the Run

Focus this week:

I’ll admit it. I didn’t set any kind of intention or goal for this week. I like to set something to focus on because it keeps me from getting overwhelmed, but this week kind of started without me (is that even a thing?) so I just rode the wave and you can tell by the amount of running I actually did.

Monday (4/3)

2 mile walk. I just wasn’t feeling it today. Not sure why the lack of motivation.

Stroller walk | Enjoying the Run

Enjoying the nice weather and a little stroll

Tuesday (4/4)

Strength day. Did some of my own stuff and then a video with Little E. I had planned on trying to run, but again, the day got away from me and I wasn’t feeling very motivated to make it happen.

Strength day with littles | Enjoying the Run

What it’s like to workout with littles around

Wednesday (4/5)

Switchblade workout (basically tempo with a little variation) with Hannah. We almost got caught in a thunderstorm so we ended up running waaaaay faster than we were supposed to! But we got it done and had some good laughs. 🙂

Rainy speed work | Enjoying the Run

You can’t tell from this picture, but we were soaked!

Thursday (4/6)

Strength again. I’ve lost my motivation to run on the treadmill after last week’s Saturday run. I got on it for an easy run, but ended up stopping after a half mile. Not a great sign.

Friday (4/7)

Rest day. Hannah and I are going to do the Indy Mini Series 10-Miler Saturday morning so I don’t feel bad about resting. Plus, we took Little E to the baseball game and that was a better use of my time at the end of a mentally frying week.

Baseball night | Enjoying the Run

Daddy-daughter baseball discussions <3

Saturday (4/8)

Indy Mini Series 10-Miler. What an amazing end to a crappy training week!! Hannah and I killed it during this race. We had a 10-miler on the schedule anyway so when I realized this race lined up perfectly we decided to just show up and register last-minute. I’m going to write a separate post on it, but suffice it to say the stars aligned and we ended up meeting every goal set for the day. So refreshing!

10-Miler Results | Enjoying the Run

My results from the 10-miler

Sunday (4/9)

Rest day.

It was such a weird week for me. I certainly have days where I’m not motivated to run, but to have a whole week where I felt fine physically, but just mentally was unprepared every day…that’s not my normal. I’m hoping that Saturday’s run will help me turn it around for next week.

Focus next week:

Back on track with hydration and sleeeeeeep. I’ve noticed that when I’m dehydrated I start cramping early and often during any kind of workout. I was doing really well for a while, but I stopped carrying my water bottle everywhere and so I stopped drinking enough water. Silly, I know, but the truth. I’ve marked boxes in my calendar all week so I’m reminded to check off my 8 glasses of water each day. I also know that I’m not a nice person if I don’t sleep 8 hours at night and it might be one of the reasons I was so “off” all week.

Here’s what I’ve been up to so far in this cycle if you’re interested in reading more 🙂 :

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