Flying Pig Half Training Recap: Week 4 (3/20-3/26)

This week’s workouts started off great and then kind of fell off from there (with the exception of my long run).

Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 4 | Enjoying the Run

This week’s focus:

Make sure “easy” runs are at an “easy” pace. I’m hoping this shorter training plan will help me avoid that blah feeling I usually get in the middle of training for something, but the only way that is going to work is if I actually run each workout at it’s designated speed.

Monday (3/20)

Ice cream sandwich. This was so fun! It was supposed to be our Wednesday workout, but Hannah and I happened to be running together on Monday this week so we decided to just get it done while we were together. I was so glad too because it was physically pretty tough at times. We ran two miles, did 10 hill intervals, and then ran two more miles (the hills being the “ice cream” in our ice cream sandwich 🙂 ). After the hills I definitely felt beat, but once we finished the last 2 miles Hannah and I both agreed we felt like we had another mile or two left in our legs. Unfortunately, we had to head back so we could have dinner and get all the littles to bed on time.

Park Run 3.20.17 | Enjoying the Run

Tuesday (3/21)

4 easy stroller miles. I use the term “easy” pretty loosely when the stroller is involved. Typically an “easy stroller run” for me varies about 2 min/mile depending on the terrain and how many times we have to stop for snacks and/or potty breaks. But oh well. That’s where I am right now so I’ll just enjoy the fact that both of my littles like the stroller enough to sit in it for an hour or two at a time.

E running 3.21.17 | Enjoying the Run

E was determined to run that last mile by herself.

Wednesday (3/22)

Strength day. My sister and another friend came over for dinner and strength day. My friend has an almost-2-year-old so with him in addition to my own two littles we had quite the full house! The workout probably took longer than it would have without all the kids running around, but it was way more fun with them involved. We did everything in circuits and the kids’ favorite by far was the push-up station where one could lay under you and another could sit on your back. 🙂

Thursday (3/23)

Unintentional rest day. I had to grocery shop after work and I have yet to figure out a way to have enough time/energy to put in a full 8 hours at work, grocery shop for the next two weeks with a 1-year-old and 3-year-old in tow, feed them dinner, and fit in a run before bed. Oh well. We legit had no produce left so there was no way around it.

Also, I let E hold my phone for about 2 minutes in the car and then I had 30 of these pictures to delete…

grocery run 3.23.17 | Enjoying the Run

Friday (3/24)

Unintentional rest day. I had planned a quick 3 miles after work, but my in-laws volunteered to take the kids overnight so the 60 minutes I had given myself to run and shower got used up packing bags, giving instructions, and moving car seats. But hubby and I got to have a legit date night without worrying about what time we got home so it was fine!

Saturday (3/25)

Long run: 8 miles. Hannah and I met up at a park we haven’t run in before and it was amazing! We just basically went exploring. The weather was perfect and there were a bunch of people out running/hiking/biking and everyone was just so nice. We even stopped for a couple minutes to talk to a guy who was loading up his paddleboard. He said he goes out all the time and showed me the easiest route down to the water. I think some cross-training might be in my future. 😉

wearing shorts 3.25.17 | Enjoying the Run

Finally! Shorts weather!

I also got a great strength workout in with my sister. I might have pushed too hard on the core stuff though because I was pretty sore the next day.

Sunday (3/26)

Rest day. We were gone from 9am to bedtime so, while I could have done some treadmill miles to round out the week, I was just too tired.

This week kind of felt like a bust. I was supposed to run at least 25 miles and I only got 18.5. It’s not worth dwelling on because there isn’t a whole lot I could have done differently, but I’m going to try harder next week.

Next week’s focus:

28+ miles for the week + 2 strength workouts. I’m not sure how I’m going to make this happen and still feed my family and get laundry, etc. done, but that’s my goal. I’m still thinking hard about the possibility of training for a marathon so I’m treating this like practice. If I can hit my goal mileage week after week  on this plan then maybe I can find the time to train for a marathon.

Here are the past weeks’ recaps in case you’re following along:

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I’d love to hear how other peoples’ training is going so feel free to share a link!

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