Flying Pig Half Training Recap: Week 3 (3/13-3/19)

How is it Tuesday already?? I wish I could say that I just over-slept and Monday got away from me, but that’s not how it happened. The weekend was packed full and it overflowed into Monday and now here we are. Almost hump day and I’m just now reflecting on last week’s training. Oh well!

Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 3 | Enjoying the Run


This week’s focus:

Run 5 days and do 2 strength workouts just to prove to myself that I can!

Monday (3/13)

Easy 3 miles. Did this one on the treadmill during nap time. I broke it up with a few walk breaks out of sheer boredom and then ended up racing at the end to finish because Baby L woke up.

Treadmill attempt | Enjoying the Run

This is pretty much how all of my treadmill runs end – “Is it our turn yet?”

Tuesday (3/14)

Easy 2 miles. Again, on the treadmill because the weather has been yucky this week! Kept it to 2 because my sister and I did a strength workout after. Baby L was the “weight” for half of the workout and he thought it was the best thing that’s ever happened. 🙂

Wednesday (3/15)

Easy 3.1 miles. Got to run all by myself on the Monon Trail! I had planned on just cruising through my 3 miles, but it felt so good to run without the stroller that I actually ended up finishing my third mile in 8:59! It’s been a long time since there was an “8” at the beginning of one of my lap times!

Monon solo run | Enjoying the Run

Thursday (3/16)

3 miles at tempo. The plan called for 3 smooth miles at 20 seconds over goal pace. For me that means 3 miles at 10:15/mile. I wanted to do this one solo, knowing that I ran too fast for Wednesday’s workout to be considered “easy”. But you know that mom life, plans changed and I ended up taking E with me in the single BOB around the neighborhood. It all turned out great though! Despite using up way too much energy answering every question the 3-year-old could think of, I finished with a pace of 9:56/mile! Obviously, that was faster than I intended, but it felt easier than I thought it would.

Friday (3/17)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I celebrated by lifting weights and babies with my sister 🙂

Saturday (3/18)

Long run 7 miles. Woof. This one was tough for me. Hannah and I tried out a new trail. It was paved and flat, but I didn’t realize how much wind there was until we turned around at the halfway point! We had both strollers (with weather shields) and it got tough there around mile 5, but somehow we finished. I’m really not sure I would have kept running if it weren’t for Hannah being there! Didn’t help that Baby L was over it by the time we turned around. Oh well. Got it done with an 11:02 pace so I’d call that good. I was looking back at some paces from last summer/fall and my runs with the stroller were all 12+ minutes per mile so at least I can see a major improvement. Even if I don’t feel it every day.

Packed up strollers | Enjoying the Run

This is what it looks like to fit 2 BOB stollers in the back of a Terrain…in case you needed to know if it can be done.

Sunday (3/19)

Rest day. I turned 30! More on that later 😉

Next week’s focus:

Make sure “easy” runs are easy. Avoid burn-out. Every time I’ve trained for a half marathon I’ve hit some part of the training cycle where I just didn’t feel like running any more. I don’t want that to happen this time around. I’m hoping that by focusing on the different types of workouts (and making sure there is a difference in the effort when there’s supposed to be) I can avoid that feeling.

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