Flying Pig Half Training Recap: Week 2 (3/6-3/12)

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? We were busy as usual around here, but all of it was time spent with family and friends in one way or another. 🙂

Flying Pig Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 2 | Enjoying the Run

Yes, I realize I’m starting with Week 2 here instead of Week 1, but I’m going according to my training plan so I don’t get confused! 🙂  So, here goes…

Monday (3/6)

Unintentional rest day. Frankly, I had a 6-hour workshop at work the next day that I was co-presenting with my boss and I just worked late and didn’t take the time to run. In hindsight, it probably would’ve been good for me to have just taken a 20-minute break and get some miles in for stress-relief, but oh well.

Tuesday (3/7)

Easy 3 solo miles. After the aforementioned workshop (meaning 8 hours inside a boardroom when normally I work from home and can be outside as much as I want), I rewarded myself with an easy 3 miles outside in the sun all by myself.

Canal run | Enjoying the Run

A nice easy run in the sunshine can do wonders for my mood!

Wednesday (3/8)

Easy 20 minutes with stroller. I was supposed to do a “smooth miles” workout, but it was sooooo windy and I was pushing the double stroller so I gave up on hitting those paces about 5 minutes in and just finished out an easy 20 minutes before heading home.

Thursday (3/9)

Smooth miles workout. Made up the workout I changed from Wednesday. The plan called for 3 miles at RP+15-20 seconds with a 1-2 minute recovery in between each mile. The point was to practice keeping a smooth pace so I almost feel like I cheated a little since I ended up doing it on the treadmill. Nap time just didn’t work out right for Baby L and the only free time I had was after her fell asleep so I didn’t have a choice. It worked out nicely though! I ended up hitting all the paces and only had to extend my recovery times a little bit.

Friday (3/10)

Strength day. The plan called for cross-training and I’ve made a commitment to try very hard to get some strength training in 2 times per week.

Saturday (3/11)

Long run 6 miles. My best running friend, Hannah, and her family came over Saturday morning and our hubbys watched the littles so she and I could go have a mom/run date. It was so fun! We drove over to a local winery and parked the car there. Before heading out on the run, we popped into the winery and let the guy there know we’d be back to “re-hydrate” when we finished running. And off we went! 6.2 miles later we headed back to do some tasting and enjoy a glass (or two) of wine. Such a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Winery run | Enjoying the Run

Wine stop as a reward after 6.2 miles with my brf

Sunday (3/12)

Rest day. I honestly intended to do some yoga, but time got away from me and the littles were kind of “off” all day because of the time change.

And that’s a wrap! Not perfect, but certainly not my worst week either.

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