Half Marathon Training Update!

Hey there!

Long time, no update…oops…

Let’s be honest, I have a full-time job, my youngest still is not sleeping through the night (or for any stretch longer than 4 hours), and I just finished the highest mileage week of training for this half marathon. In short, I’ve had no spare time at all. I guess I could give up some time with my family, but that’s not gonna happen 😉

So anyway, here’s an update on training for the Monumental Half Marathon which is only 2 weeks away!

Half Marathon Training Update | Enjoying the Run

On sticking with the plan:

I think I’ve actually done better this round that I’ve ever done with a half marathon training plan. I talked about my training in a past post, but basically I tried to follow the Train Like A Mother plan as best I could. I did end up moving from the “Own It” plan to the “Finish It” plan with about 8 weeks of training left. The other one was just too high-mileage for me right now. Maybe once my son is actually sleeping I’ll be able to manage more miles. I was super disappointed in myself at first, but once I realized I was just running to put in miles I decided I would do better to put in quality runs where I could. Now, 2 weeks before race day, I’m so glad I made the switch because I’m much better prepared and I didn’t end up injured just because I was trying to spend so much time on my legs.

On my training partner:

Hannah has been so awesome to train with! My weaknesses are her strengths and vice versa so we ended up complimenting each other very well through the last couple months. You never know how it’s going to go when you first start running together. Is the other person going to push you harder or hold you back? Hannah and I had run together a little here and there before, but nothing like we’ve done for this half. Turns out, asking her to train with me might have been the best decision I made for this race and it’s definitely helped us grow closer as friends!

On being prepared for race day:

I think I’m as prepared as I’ve been for any race I’ve done before. When I started training, I had hoped to really work on speed and I wanted to go into the race knowing I should PR. Well, life happened. Family and work definitely come before running for me so I had to make sacrifices here and there in my training. It was always worth it, but it means that I might not be as fast as I’d hoped on race day. I’m completely fine with this. I still hope to PR, but I really just want to feel great about the race and I want Hannah to have a great experience for her first half.

Overall, I’m satisfied with where I’ve ended up. I can always find things to do better, but for where I am in my life and family right now, this is perfect.

Happiness | Enjoying the Run

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